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Agenda: Sinterklaas

  • 17-12-2018 20:00
  • 17-12-2018 23:00
  • Maarten’s house, Adriaen Brouwerstraat 4
  • Heey everyone,

    Here you can sign up for the Sinterklaas activity on the 17th of December.

    We would like to ask everyone to buy 2 presents (for a total of 7,50), try to get 2 little things of which at least one is not food. We will be playing a game with the presents, don’t worry everyone will get at least one present. We will be starting after dinner, at 20:00. Drinks and snacks will be provided, the cost (beside the cost of the presents) will probably be a few euros. 

    We hope to see you all there

  • 15-12-2018 23:59
  • 11
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